November 29, 2015

WPC – Walden PECS Communicator

Reinforcing the communication skills for children with special needs



People with deep disorders in cognitive functions are supported in their communication behaviors by two classes of devices: Speech-Generating Devices (SGDs) and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). SGDs are devices for vocal production and are also known as Voice-output Communication Aids (VOCAs); PECS uses a functional type of communication using the exchange of images printed on paper that show objects (toys, food, etc.). Nowadays, PECS and SGDs are combined in APPs. These tools use cards in a digitized version useful for many users with behavioral and cognitive disorders.

On the contrary, WPC uses physical cards equipped with RFID sensors. In that way, a person can use his/her normal cards set to send a message (text o vocal) to another smartphone or spread it in the environment



Details of WPC in the following paper:

Miglino O., Di Ferdinando A., Di Fuccio R., Rega A., Ricci C. (2014), Bridging Digital and Physical Educational Games Using RFID/NFC Technologies, Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society, v.10, n.3, 89-106. ISSN: 1826-6223, e-ISSN:1971-8829


WPC will be commercialized by Walden Technology s.r.l. during 2016. Please contact Prof. Carlo Ricci: