November 29, 2015

Block Magic

Revamping Montessorian-like educational games throughout a Technological Enhanced Learning Approach


The Montessiorian-like educational games are based on concrete objects (cards, blocks, little toys, etc.) to stimulate learning in children using a multi-sensory and manipulative approach. Unfortunately, they require an intensive tutoring by adults (educators, teachers, parents) that imply so many resources in time and in costs. BlockMagic (BM) is a software/hardware prototype developed using the STELT environment. BM aims to enhance the traditional games with new technologies (such as smart sensors and artificial intelligence software) in order to reduce the direct tutoring of adults and let the children to autonomously explore the learning materials.


BlockMagic prototype was developed in the framework of an EU funded research project in the framework of LLP-Comenius Programme and it was tested in schools of Greece, Germany, Italy and Spain. More materials and info at

An Italian publisher, on the basis of BlockMagic prototype, is developing children educational Apps for consumers market. The first product release is planned for the end of 2016.


For further information please contact the Project Coordinator

prof. Orazio Miglino: